World Conference International Federation of Social Workers: A World out of Balance - Working for a New Social Equilibrium, 30th of July - 3rd of August 2006, Munich, Germany


1500 social workers from across the world will meet each other in Munich, Germany from 30th of July to the 3rd of August 2006.

50 years ago Munich saw the founding of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW). It is therefore fitting that the next biennial World Congress should return to Munich in 2006.

Through this World Congress social workers from around the world exchanged professional ideas, to network with colleagues worldwide, to augment personal experience with a global perspective, to inspire and be inspired and to collaborate to shape international standards of social work.

The programme in Munich was a rich mixture of thematic content, exchange and discussion, exhibitions, field visits and practice excursions, celebrations and a wide variety of cultural and leisure opportunities.

The conference theme "A World out of Balance: Working for a New Social Equilibrium" was presented in 6 themes:

Each of these themes will be introduced through simultaneously translated keynotes and/or international panels followed by smaller seminars, workshops, poster displays and other forms of presentation. This structure provides a range of choices and will allow for participants to concentrate on their area of interest throughout the congress.