European Network on Street Children Worldwide


Street children and youth as a priority of the EU's social inclusion policy in the new Member States Two-day Symposium on strategies and bridge building for Europe's social enlargement process Brussels, 9 -10 December 2004 On the 9th and 10th December 2004 a Symposium on Street Children and Youth in Central and Eastern Europe was held in Brussels, Belgium. It was organized by European Network in Street Children Worldwide (ENSCW). The Symposium was attended by NGOs representatives, EU officials, and national governments delegates as well. The participants come from: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Russia. The program consisted of paper presentations, open debates and discussions. During the first day (December 9th) the representatives of national governments spoke about leglislative developments and implementation of the EU and international legislation in the area of social inclusion of street children. The problem of existing indicators was discussed by the governmental and non-governmental representatives. On the second day (December 10th) NGOs representatives discussed about the best practices in their daily activities.