First Nordic Conference on Childhood Anxiety Disorders. Copenhagen, June 1, 2012


on June 1, 2012, at the University of Copenhagen,

Faculty of Social Sciences, Denmark.

Keynote speakers are:

Professor Thomas H. Ollendick, Virginia Tech, US

Dr. Sean Perrin, Lund University/King's College London

Professor Einar Heiervang, University of Oslo

Call for papers:

please check our website:

Differential diagnostics on anxiety Theories on Anxiety

Psychometric tools on anxiety Prevalence studies on anxiety

Aetiology and anxiety Evidence based treatment


Developmental psychopathology and

Cultural perspectives on childrens’ anxiety

The conference is organised by Copenhagen Child Anxiety Project (CCAP)

at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with

The Danish National Council for Children (Børnerådet).


The topics of the conference are:

First Nordic Conference on Childhood Anxiety Disorders