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Child Prostitution
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Young people trading or selling sex - a guidance
18 May 2006 Published by: Sasaoka, Karin
On assignment by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality, NOVA (Norwegian Social Research) has developed a guidance on young people trading or selling sex. It is written by Janikke Solstad Vedeler, Karin Sasaoka and Svein Mossige.
Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, Juan Miguel Petit
28 Feb 2006 Published by: Lars L÷÷f (CBSS)
This report is submitted in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 2005/44. The resolution calls upon all States, inter alia, to take the necessary measures to eliminate the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography by adopting a holistic approach and addressing the contributing factors, including, underdevelopment, poverty economic disparities, inequitable socio-economic structures, dysfunctioning families, lack of education, urban-rural migration, gender discrimination, irresponsible adult sexual behaviour, harmful traditional practices, armed conflicts and trafficking in children. Noting that little attention has been given so far to the demand factor in the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and convinced of the importance of studying and understanding its dynamics in order to develop proper and efficient legal and political policies, the Special Rapporteur has decided to devote his annual report to this issue.
"Exchange, love, abuse. Sexuality among adolescents on the fringe." A new report from the Norwegian Social Research
12 May 2005 Published by: Vedeler, Janikke Solstad
"Exchange, love, abuse. Sexuality among adolescents on the fringe" is written by Camilla Jordheim Larsen and Willy Pedersen (NOVA Rapport 10/05). The background for this report is recent research on adolescents who sell sex. The studies have brought to light a long range of experiences that involve the exchange of sex for other goods, but that do not easily fit into fixed categories. Sometimes terms like "prostitution" or "survival sex" seem appropriate, other times they do not. In addition we wanted to study relations and situations in which sex seemed to play a problematic role. The report is based on 60 in-depth interviews with adolescents and young adults. The selected samples were not based on sex sale experiences, but on characteČristics that have been indicated - by quantitative studies - to give increased risk of sex sale.
Prostitution in Sweden 2003 -Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitudes of Key Informants by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare
31 Mar 2005 Published by: ┼kerman, Ingrid (Sweden)
The National Board of Health and Welfare has, in accordance with the Proposition on Women's Safety (Kvinnofridspropositionen 1997/98:55), been assigned by the Swedish government to gather information on and to monitor the extent and development of prostitution, and of social measures applied at the local level. The first report in connection with that assignment was published in 2000 under the title of ?Prostitution in Sweden, 1998? 1999?.(Kńnnedom om prostitution 1998?1999). It is now followed up with this, the second report which focuses on the extent and development of prostitution. This report is based primarily on interviews with a number of individuals whose work involves dealing with prostitution. We also cite the relevant research in this area.
Publication: Children in street prostitution. Report from the German-Czech border
15 Sep 2004 Published by: Schmidt-Ndasi Daniela (Germany)
The report is the result of years of systematic observations, discussions and interviews. The author has an in-depth insight into the prostitution and drug scene along the German-Czech border through her work with the social project KARO. Her report gives, for the first time, a detailed picture of the commercial sexual exploitation of children in this region, heavily frequented by German tourists. It shows the scale of the business and the conditions in which its victims live. The conclusions are harrowing: In the German-Czech border region, a flourishing commerce in child sexual exploitation has developed.
Report - Early entry into prostitution
15 Oct 2003 Published by: Lars L÷÷f (CBSS)
In 1998 Liv Jessen at the Pro Center, the Norwegian national resource center on prostitution, published this report on how young girls become involved in prostitution.
The Working Group on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Sweden
28 Jan 2003 Published by:
In February 2002, the Government decided to appoint the Working Group on sexual exploitation of children in Sweden. The working group is interdepartmental and is organized under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It has now started its work and a final report will be delivered in May 2004.
Report - Child Prostitution and Involvement of Foreigners in Northwest Russia
06 Sep 2001 Published by:
Report, Gurvich I.N. - Russian Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg Branch, Institute of Sociology, Sector of Deviant Sociology and Social Control, Saint-Petersburg 2000. The Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers - financial support