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Full report from the conference: The Rights of Children in Institutions in the Region of the Baltic Sea States
09 Mar 2007 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The full report from the conference: The Rights of Children in Institutions in the Region of the Baltic Sea States: Improving Child Participation, Monitoring and Post Placement Assistance, is now available.
Sexual Abuse of Children and Young People Placed in Residential Institutions - Scope and Measures Taken
09 Dec 2006 Published by: Melchior, Anne (Denmark)
New research from AKF in Denmark concerning children and young people placed in residential institutions. These children are a particularly exposed group in terms of the risk of sexual abuse. A study of residential institutions in Denmark shows that the majority of residential institutions have received children and young people who have been sexually abused prior to their placement in the institution. Likewise, a number of institutions have also had children who have been sexually abused by some of the other children at the institution during their placement. The study raise the question: Are residential institutions prepared in professional terms to perform the task of helping children who have been sexually abused or should the local authority take care to ensure that special and individual treatment-related assistance is given to these children, even though they are placed in a residential institution. The study is not translated into English.
WGCC Conference on the Rights of Children in Institutions in the Region of the Baltic Sea States
17 Nov 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk, the WGCC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Sweden invited to this Conference of Senior Officials, researchers and experts on "The rights of children in institutional care - Improving Child Participation, Monitoring and Post Placement Assistance" on the 14th and 15th of November 2006. The conference was held under the auspices of the Swedish presidency to the CBSS.
United Nations Secretary-Generals Study on Violence against Children
13 Nov 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The United Nations Secretary General has appointed an Independent Expert, Paulo Srgio Pinheiro, to lead a global study on Violence Against Children. The Study, rooted in children's human rights to protection from all forms of violence, aims to promote action to prevent and eliminate violence against children at international, regional, national and local levels.
Innocenti Social Monitor 2006: Understanding Child Poverty in South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
13 Nov 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The report finds that disparities in child well-being have increased, both between countries and within countries, with a widening gap in the access and quality of social services. "Child poverty should be the number one concern of governments in the region" said Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for CEE/CIS Countries."Children continue to be placed in institutions, the numbers are not decreasing, and this despite a sharp decline in the birth rate. The future of the region is inextricably bound to the well-being of children.
Victimization of child residents in Polish care institution. RESEARCH REPORT.
22 Jun 2006 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
In 2005 Nobody`s Children Foundation conducted the first RESEARCH of the victimization of child residents in Polish care institution.
Residents' rights in child protection units in Norway
15 Jun 2006 Published by: Sasaoka, Karin
On behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality, NOVA (Norwegian Social Research) and FAFO (Institute for Labour and Social Research) carried out a study of young peoples rights while under residential care in Norway.
National Comparative Study of Children and Young People with High Support Needs in Australian Out-of-Home Care
12 May 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
This is the final report of a national research project undertaken between November 2003 and August 2005. The reportpresents the findings of Australias first national comparative study of 364 children.
TransMonee 2005 - Data Indicators and Features on the State of Children in CEE/CIS and Baltic States
17 Mar 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The MONEE project was initiated in 1992 to monitor, analyze and disseminate information on social and economic trends affecting children in Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltics as these countries entered into a new era of political, economic and social change. Correspondents in 27 National Statistical Offices contribute data, and in recent years also a Country Analytical Report on aspects of economic and social trends affecting children in their country. The report may be accessed via the link below or by downloading the pdf- file.
Children looked after and their right to participation in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 12
14 Mar 2006 Published by: Sderlind, Peder
Research has been conducted on children's participation in review meetings, a method for reviewing foster and residential care. The method is tested within the national project Children's Needs in Focus (BBIC) inspired by the British Integrated Children's System and operated by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in Sweden.
Victimization of child residents in Polish care institution - the nationwide study conducted in 2005 by Nobody`s Children Foundation.
21 Nov 2005 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
Results of research in enclosed document.
Identifying good practice in the deinstitutionalisation of children under five years from institutions across Europe: Summary of research
14 Nov 2005 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
Results of research in enclosed article
Mapping the number and characteristics of children under three in institutions across Europe at risk of harm: Executive Summary
14 Nov 2005 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
Research project Daphne Programme in collaboration with WHO regional Office for Europe and the University of Birmingham UK
Job available
06 Nov 2005 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
The new programs of The Robinson Crusoe Foundation in Poland concerning children leaving the institutions.
29 Aug 2005 Published by: Skorka, Malgorzata (Poland)
In enclosed attachment we can read about Robinson Crusoe Foundation.
Council of Europe expert report on "Children in institutions: prevention and alternative care"
10 Jun 2005 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The Council of Europe in May of 2004 approved the expert report written by Mr Bragi Gudbrandsson from Iceland, on behalf of the Working Group on Children at Risk and in Care. The report and the work has led on to the adoption of the Council of Europe Recommendation 2005:05 concerning the protection of the rights of children in institutions.
Child Abuse. The Evaluation of the Situation in Child Care Institutions.
01 Jun 2004 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The Lithuanian NGO Vaiko Namas, Child House, has published a study on the situation for children in child care institutions in Lithuania.
Russia.Yaroslavl. Prevention child neglect
26 Feb 2004 Published by: Miroshkina, Marina (Russia)
"To the new life together!"The program of work with young prisoners.Krasnodar. Russia
05 Feb 2004 Published by: Miroshkina, Marina (Russia)
Reflections of violence by children living at social welfare institutions of Ida-Virumaa
07 Dec 2003 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
This Master`s thesis (Siret Linde, 2002) study treats abuse of children in welfare institutions on the basis of scientific literature, questionnaires, essays of children in orphanages and everyday experience. 105 children, 64 girls and 41 boys aged 12-16 from six orphanages and one shelter home participated in the questionnaire. The results were analysed with the quantitative method. In addition, the essays on violence of children in welfare institutions have been analysed with the qualitative method.
Psychiatric problems of delinquent girls and training program for them
30 Dec 2002 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
According to the data of 2000/2001 of all Estonian minors who have committed criminal or administrative offence there were 184 children studying at residential care institutional schools. Kaagvere Special School is a closed institution for girls who have been sentenced by court to continue their education at special school. Students arrive to the special school throughout the year. After the period spent in special school most of the girls return to their previous circumstances.
Presentation on Children in Prison
18 Sep 2002 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The CBSS Commissioner on Democratic Development organised a round table meeting on "Children in Prison" On the Protection of the Rights of Children Deprived of Their Libery. Approximately 40 representatives from the Baltic Sea Region participated in the meeting that took place in Helsinki, Finland on the 11th of September 2002. At the meeting Mr Bragi Gudbrandsson, Head of the Barnahus in Reykjavik, Iceland and Chair of the Working Group for Co-operation on Children at Risk, made a presentation on Children in Prison.
07 Jun 2002 Published by: Sladzevska, Agnese
Livslust - building a better future
28 Feb 2001 Published by:
As in all former Soviet republics, Latvia has thousands of orphaned children and youngsters. They grow up under very difficult conditions at a variety of institutions. At the age of 16 they are required to leave their institutions and support themselves - without work, training, a home, money or the support of relatives. Consequently many youngsters are easily drawn into criminal activities, prostitution or drug dependency.
28 Feb 2001 Published by:
Skangal is situated in Liepa Municipality 110 km north - east of Riga. It is a donation from the Palme family to The Salvation Army, to give them new possibilities for taking care, to educate and to evangelize. The aim is that different groups of Latvians shall receive their basic and further education as well as children shall receive a social care in confident and loving surroundings.
World Childhood Foundation
28 Feb 2001 Published by:
World Childhood Foundation Projects in Russia and the Baltic States, January 2001