Questionnaire concerning professional experiences in treating child and adolescent victims of on-line sexual exploitation.
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This is a global questionnaire which purpose is to gather information about contact with and treatment of children who have been sexually exploited via the Internet. The purpose is twofold; firstly to acquire knowledge about problems or issues that children have to deal with as a consequence of on-line victimisation. Secondly how therapists work with these issues and if there are other themes in therapy, including techniques, that are different than with other forms of sexual explotation.

By victims of On-line sexual exploitation we include:

  1. Child-pornographic exploitation with images put on the Internet by the perpetrator (adult or other child/adolescent).
  2. Child-pornographic exploitation where the child/adolescent was deceived, persuaded or forced to post or send pictures of her- himself via Internet.
  3. Child-pornographic exploitation where images were taken and the victim fears that the images have been posted on the Internet or distributed in on-line settings.
  4. Sexual exploitation where the victim was groomed on the Internet and subsequently abused off-line without any images being taken.

Please answer the questionnaire as carefully as you can. Please make a separate entry for each case. At the end of the questionnaire we have left a space for comments. Please add all information that you think could be useful for this survey. In cases with multiple perpetrators or multiple occasions of abuse, please describe the most important abuses and provide further details in the case description part.

Please DO NOT provide information (such as name or location) that could make it possible for anyone to identify a specific child.

You can write in English or any Scandinavian language.

After you have finished the questionnaire and decided to send it to us, you will find a send-button to click. When doing this, the form will be transmitted to BUP Elefanten. If you need to reach any of us after having sent in a questionnaire, please use email address:


Linda Jonsson
Project manager
The Online Project
University Hospital
581 85 Linköping, Sweden
  Carl Göran Svedin
Professor, Scientific Consultant
Linköping University
581 85 Linköping, Sweden


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