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Questionnaire concerning professional experiences in treating child and adolescent victims of on-line sexual exploitation.
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Children and the Internet (Child pornography - abusive images and awareness raising)
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'Internet predator' stereotypes debunked in new study
19 Feb 2008 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
"Online Predators" and Their Victims: Myths, Realities and Implications for Prevention, published in the February/March issue of American Psychologist. The journal is published by the American Psychological Association (APA). Study by Janis Wolak, JD, David Finkelhor, PhD, Kimberly Mitchell, PhD and Michele Ybarra, PhD, at the Crimes against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire shows that Internet offenders target teens, not young children and rarely use force, abduction or deception.
Abused Online
06 Feb 2008 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
This report looks at how Swedish psychologists and social workers meeting with children deal with children with experiences of online abuse and violence.
Children with abusive experiences online
06 Feb 2008 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
Report from the expert meeting organised by the Swedish Children's Welfare Foundation and the Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk.
Questionnaire concerning professional experiences in treating child and adolescent victims of on-line sexual exploitation.
31 Aug 2007 Published by: kerman, Ingrid (Sweden)
This is a global questionnaire which purpose is to gather information about contact with and treatment of children who have been sexually exploited via the Internet. The purpose is twofold; firstly to acquire knowledge about problems or issues that children have to deal with as a consequence of on-line victimisation. Secondly how therapists work with these issues and if there are other themes in therapy, including techniques, that are different than with other forms of sexual explotation.
Understanding Online Social Network Services and Risks to Youth - STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVES
06 Dec 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
Social Networking sites are rapidly becoming central to the way young people forge relationships but in doing so have triggered significant public concern for child welfare. We are witnessing growing concerns - primarily from teachers and head teachers - about social networking sites. We have also seen instances where access to such sites has been banned by a number of schools within the UK. One of the main fears behind these decisions is the way the sites can be used by sexual predators to gain access to children.
Presentations from the Stockholm Conference on Abusive online experiences
01 Jun 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
On the 1st of June 2006, the Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk, the Swedish Children's Welfare Foundation and the Stockholm County Council Child and Adolescent Training Unit organised a conference on assistance to victims of abusive online experiences. Speaking at the conference were Dr Janis Wolak, Dr Ethel Quayle and Ms Tink Palmer. Dr Wolak also presented the work of Dr Finkelhor.
Eurobarometer survey on Safer Internet
03 May 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
The Eurobarometer survey presents the attitude of European Union citizens towards illegal and harmful content on the Internet and their knowledge of how to protect their children against it. It covers 25 Member States, candidate and acceding countries and was conducted in December 2005.
Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review 2006
10 Apr 2006 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
Study of child pornography laws in 184 Interpol member countries around the world has produced alarming results: more than half of these countries (95) have no laws addressing child pornography and in many other countries, the existing laws are inadequate.
"Violence Against Children in Cyberspace" ECPAT international launches new report
11 Nov 2005 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
Weak laws and fragmented industry action is exposing children around the world to increasingly serious violence through the Internet and other cyber technologies, according to a new report released on the 11th of November 2005. The report, Violence Against Children in Cyberspace, says violence against children through new technologies is pervasive, causes deep and lasting physical and psychological damage to the child victims, and is outstripping the resources of law enforcement agencies. Violence Against Children in Cyberspace was written by ECPAT International with leading experts around the world as a contribution to the UN Study on Violence Against Children. The report draws together the latest knowledge on cyber violence against children and outlines an agenda for action, including greater industry action and stronger national legislations harmonised to international standards.
Book - Child Abuse on the Internet - Ending the Silence
12 Mar 2002 Published by:
Edited by Carlos A. Arnaldo Introduction: Maldwyn Jones
INHOPE Association
12 Jun 2001 Published by:
The INHOPE Association exists to facilitate co-operation between European Internet Hotline providers. It's mission is to eliminate child pornography from the Internet and protect young people from harmful and illegal uses of the Internet.