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Children as perpetrators
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Assistance to children at risk of committing crimes
18 Jan 2008 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
On November 12th to 14th 2007, the Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk together with the Russian Ministry of Education and Science organised an Expert Meeting and Knowledge Seminar on the topic of "Assistance to Children at Risk of Committing Crimes and Reintegration of Children with a Criminal Life Style"
Project JANUS
05 Sep 2003 Published by: Anne Melchior Hansen
Psychiatric problems of delinquent girls and training program for them
30 Dec 2002 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
Tartu According to the data of 2000/2001 of all Estonian minors who have committed criminal or administrative offence there were 184 children studying at residential care institutional schools. Kaagvere Special School is a closed institution for girls who have been sentenced by court to continue their education at special school. Students arrive to the special school throughout the year. After the period spent in special school most of the girls return to their previous circumstances.
Social skills training program for abused juvenile male offenders
30 Dec 2002 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
An upbringing to violence? A report published by the Danish National Institute of Social Research
04 Jul 2002 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
Why do some boys develop into troublesome youth who eventually get sentenced for a violent crime? In planning a strategy to fight violent crime it would be useful to know if altering the conditions of children''s upbringing and the ways we treat children generally could contribute to a reduction in the incidence of ciolent behaviour that leads to convictions among adolescents and young men. In this study information from population-based registers covers various aspects both for children, aged between 15 and 27 years, and their parents: health (mental and physical), education, social networks, family violence, self-destructive behaviour, parental alcohol or drug abuse, and unemployment.
Victims and Perpetrators - on sexual abuse and treatment. A booklet published by Save the Children Sweden.
27 Jun 2002 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
This booklet is written by Brje Svensson, psychotherapist and clinical social worker. Mr Svensson has a long experience in working with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse.
Young offenders - sexual abuse and treatment. A new book from Save the Children Sweden
27 Jun 2002 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
This book by Anders Nyman, Brje Svensson and Olof Risberg has recently been translated into English. The authors are all psychotherapists working at Save the Children Sweden's Centre for Children and Adolescents in Crisis, and have many years of experience in therapeutic work with both victims of sexual abuse and young offenders of sexual crimes against children.