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"So You Want to Involve Children in Research?"
18 Nov 2003 Published by: Vedeler, Janikke Solstad
Save the Children Alliance has published the report "So You Want to Involve Children in Research? Supporting children?s meaningful and ethical participation in work around violence against children: A toolkit produced by Save the Children for the UN study"
"Commercialisation and sexualisation of adolescence: The right to one?s own life"
01 Jul 2003 Published by: Vedeler, Janikke Solstad
The research project with the working title ?Commercialisation and sexualisation of adolescence: The right to one?s own life? (Kommersialisering og seksualisering av ungdomstiden: Retten til sitt eget liv) is initiated by several Norwegian NGOs working with children and adolescents, including Save the Children Norway. Social anthropologist Ingrid Smette, NOVA (Norwegian Social Research), will undertake the study under the direction of Dr.psychol. Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, NOVA. The project will begin in August 2003 and the final report will be published in the autumn of 2004.
Trafficking and foreign prostitution in Norway
26 Jun 2003 Published by: Vedeler, Janikke Solstad
In February 2003 the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development made a request for research projects related to trafficking in women in Norway. Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies (AIS) was chosen to implement a study titled "Prostitutes from East- and Central-Europe in Norway."
Presentation on the survey on Young Persons' Attitudes
12 Jun 2003 Published by: Lars Lf (CBSS)
At the Conference "Stop Child Trafficking - Modern Day Slavery" in Helsinki, Finland on the 1st ot 3rd of June 2003, Dr Svein Mossige made a presentation on the research on Young Persons' Attitudes and Experiences in relation to Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Commercial Sex.
"Adolescents' attitudes towards sexuality and sexual abuse"
25 Apr 2003 Published by: Vedeler, Janikke Solstad
Attached is a description of the research project which will investigate attitudes and experiences related to sexuality among young people in the Baltic Sea region. The project will be implemented in several of the countries that are part of the IT-network Children at Risk under the Council of the Baltic Sea States.
Minor Prostitution in Tallinn. Background and nature of phenomenon
09 Jan 2003 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
The new socio-economic situation and the opening of the frontier in former socialist countries has created more favourable environment for sexual exploitation of minors. As a result of historical changes the problem is also actual in Estonia, most of all in its capital Tallinn. The results of the survey (Aire Trummal) have shown that prostitution of minors can be viewed from two angles: procuring of underage girls in brothels or so called apartment firms, and sexual exploitation of street children.
As future job-seekers, what do female high school graduates in Estonia know about trafficking in human beings?
30 Dec 2002 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
The present study of the awareness that graduating female high school students have, as a group at risk of being trafficked, is part of the campaign activity in Estonia. The study was conducted by sociologistsi (Marion Pajumets)at the Estonian Institute of Humanities. The material was gathered at semi-structured group discussion sessions in the summer of 2002.
Situation with prostitution and trafficking of women and girls in Estonia
16 Dec 2002 Published by: Soonets, Ruth (Estonia)
Expert View "Situation with prostitution and trafficking of women and girls in Estonia" given by Jri Kalikov gives overview about social-economic situation of women, violence against women and trafficking and prostitution in Estonia.